Į pagrindinį turinį 
Lithuanian Centre of Non-formal Youth Education is the place of a successful combining both traditions and innovations. We propose a wide spectrum of training and education services aimed to help every child in his aspirations as well as to support teachers and education institutions in general. It's simply the place of various possibilities for those who dream of discovering and investigating new horizons and thus catching own success.

Cooperation with the state institutions and the institutions of local administration gives weighty results in carrying out various state and inter-departmental programs in the field of safe traffic, professional orientation, education of gifted children, ethno-cultural and social training, physical culture and sport, popularization of science and other projects.

As the member of Lithuanian Association of Non-formal Children Education Institutions and European Association for Leisure Time Institutions of Children and Youth (EAICY) we have lots of work to do.

More than 400 local and international events, such as technical sports contests, exhibitions, festivals, seminars, Olympiads and other competitions, various projects are held annually.

The Centre is a perfect place for youth leisure time, creative work, non-formal education activities. There are extramural schools and hobby groups working in the field of technical sports and model building, science and artistic expression.


Address: Žirmūnų g. 1B, LT - 09101, Vilnius

Phone: +370 (5) 2766578
Fax: +370 (5) 2763205
E-mail: info@lmnsc.lt